Spring Makeup Essentials

After speaking of all the spring trends from wardrobe to hairdos, it’s time to mention few tips regarding your makeup during spring and summer. In winter, we usually go with darker makeup to make a fashion statement, but in Spring its different!
My tip for your spring make up is for you to look as natural as possible, wearing too much makeup won’t work since you usually focus on patterns and colors in your outfits, that’s why your makeup should be minimal.
Focus on your lips, try pastel colors such as peach and bright pink. Moreover, focus on your blush to give you a spring glow. Go for a very understated eye makeup (as you will see in the pictures) so that your lips and cheeks radiate.
 Here are a few pictures for you guys to get some ideas 🙂

beautiful nude makeup

the blush effect

Don’t forget to email me on laraspeaksstyle@gmail.com for all your requests & questions!
Lara xx


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