Tuesday Tips: DIY Room organizing

Hello everyone! During Spring and with Summer being just around the corner, people usually like to change something about their hair, wardrobe, or their room. Instead of wasting tons of money to reorganize your room, you can do easy steps that won’t cost much, and the result will be a beautiful new fresh room!
I know many people who like to change the places of objects already existing in their room which is a good option if your room is spacious, but if it’s not, simple additions will do the trick!

1) Add some frames, they will make your room more stylish

2) Add flowers, colors will add some life and style to your room and they don’t cost much

3) Reorganize your makeup & perfume in a creative way which will add up something special & beautiful to your room

4)Add some gadgets such as pillows or inspirational things. These small details will have a beautiful impact on your room

5) Add an inspirational board, I really like to have something similar to keep me motivated and moving forward. It adds a very personal touch to your room which is necessarily needed

Always remember, change doesn’t need to be costly, it just needs some creativity!
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Lara xx 


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