Petite Girl Style Guide

This post is dedicated to all my petite ladies ( girls with a small figure). It’s important to me to do such a post knowing that I have a petite figure too!

There are many misconceptions about what a petite girl should wear, some people say that wearing baggy pants or long dresses won’t look flattering, but I beg to differ.
Anything would work on a petite figure lady, you just need to wear it right and not wear something that’s too large or too long. 
My tip for a petite lady is to always wear short dresses and shorts with flats or heels, wearing this will elongate your legs and make your body look perfect. 
Here are some pictures of petite celebrities for your guys to get style inspirations 🙂

 Here’s Kristen Cavallari in long skirts!

Alexandra from the blog Lovely Pepa is one of my style inspirations since she has a petite figure and she has phenomenal style 
Here are some of her style pictures 

Email me on for all your style questions 🙂
PS: the competition ends this Sunday afternoon, click here to know more about it
Lara xx

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