Tuesday Tips: How to Avoid a Last Minute Rush

Happy Tuesday everyone, it’s time to share with you one of the most important tips that you need to know to avoid being late.
You wake up 5 mins past your alarm, you have no idea what to wear, you still haven’t had breakfast nor fixed your hair, and you are supposed to be in a place in less than 30 mins. I am sure this scenario happened at a certain point to each and every one of us!
I am a very punctual person, and I hate every person who is always late because being late will only make you less prepared for what you have, and to what concerns the fashion department you will not look so good. Follow these tips to avoid anything that follows such a situation.

Before you sleep try to prepare the outfit that you want to wear the next day, or at least have a vision in your head about it. This will save your time the next day since choosing your outfit might be a hassle sometimes!

Always have a ready made snack that you can instantly throw into your purse in an emergency situation, like missing your alarm for example

Make sure before you sleep that you set your alarm on the right time ( AM and not PM for example). I know you might forget to do this step, but with time it will become a habit!

If you know that your day is gonna be hectic and you need to wake up early, avoid sleeping late or going out for a big night out. You need to wake up fresh and ready, staying up late won’t help.

Have an emergency makeup kit in case you didn’t have time to apply your makeup before you leave. In that case you will be able to apply your makeup quickly in the elevator, or while stuck in traffic! (I see that a lot haha)

Following these tips will help you get rid of all the disasters that result from being late!
Lara xx


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