Tuesday Tips: How to shop Smart

Today’s Tuesday Tips post is definitely interesting to all the shopping addicts out there. Everyone who knows me knows that I can’t get out of my house without coming back with something, even if it were the simplest accessory, bag, shirt, really anything! This is a problem that most of us have, that’s why I decided to share a post about how to shop in a smart way.

1)  Limit your cash
Having too much money while shopping will only give you the tendency to shop more and for items that you don’t really need. Shopping for useless items is not a smart move because you might not even wear them or use them in the future.

2) Wait for Sales 
It really bothers me when I see a shirt, bag, dress, etc.. on sale and in a really cheap price after I’ve bought it when it was still expensive. I know that when it’s time for sales we don’t always find the best items, but if you don’t really need something wait for the sales to buy it in a cheaper price, trust me it would be worth the wait! In addition, sometimes you buy items on sale that you wouldn’t have bought in their original price, this is a good way to increase your wardrobe knowing that you saved some money.

3) Be Organized 
It’s really important to always be organized to know what you don’t want anymore, and what you need to shop for. This is a very good way to save money, time, and know exactly what you want while shopping.

4) Be Future Oriented
This is one of the most important tips in my opinion because it’s very crucial to shop for something that you would wear more than once, and something that you would wear in a year or so. Buying an item that is very trendy just in one season, and you know you won’t ever wear in the future is not a smart move. Shop for beautiful and timeless items ( which are stylish of course! )

5) Check multiple stores
Nowadays, most of the shops have them same items so make sure you see several stores before you make your final decision about a purchase, especially if the item you’re buying is expensive. It’s the worst feeling when you regret buying an expensive item, or when you see the same item for a cheaper price.

These were a few tips for you guys to shop smart and avoid all the useless purchases.
 After all, shopping smart is the key to a timeless fashionable look 🙂

Lara xx


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