Oscars 2013 Red Carpet

Hello everyone, as you know last night was Oscars night which is the most awaited event for movie and fashion lovers. As usual I will list down some of the dresses we saw last night with some comments about each dress.

Jennifer Lawrence arrived in Dior Haute Couture. I love that she looks very elegant but I can’t help but seeing this dress as a bridal dress!

Sandra Bullock arrived in Elie Saab, I am in love with this dress and its details but I wish she changed something about her hair

Charlize Theron arrived in Dior Couture, I really love this dress on her and her hair style

Anne Hathaway arrived in Prada, this dress was obviously a mistake  I really dislike it from the top!

Salma Hayek looked stunning in Alexander McQueen, I love the details and her hair  with that dress

Halle Berry glowed in Versace, she looked stunning I love everything about that dress  and the way it flatters her beautiful body

Jessica Chastain arrived in Giorgio Armani, Jessica always chooses beautiful dresses but  the colors don’t suit her skin tone

Stacy Keibler arrived in Naeem Khan, I really love this  dress and its details. It looks perfect on her amazing body

Lara xx


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