Sunglasses Crush

Sunglasses are a very essential part of your daily wardrobe, they add style and an edge to your outfit other than protecting us from the sun! This season we are seeing many new trends with sunglasses that seem a bit edgy but they are definitely worth trying. With the spring/summer season approaching, you should definitely give a try to at least one of these sunglasses trends.

Here are some sunglasses trends for you to try 🙂
Sunglasses with colorful frames are a go to this season, they would look fabulous in summer!

These pink miu miu sunglasses are my current obsession! Glittery frames are huge this season and you should definitely give them a try 

Mirrored sunglasses are also a huge trend they are very edgy and stylish

Leopard prints are also dominant on sunglasses as well! They would look amazing in winter and summer so give them a try

I would like to see which sunglasses trend you liked the most and would want to try! 🙂
Lara xx

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