Tuesday Tips: Beauty Guide While Traveling

Hello everyone, it’s time for a new Tuesday Tips edition! Today’s post is surely very interesting to every lady who travels a lot or traveling soon ( inspired by Fashion Week). We all know that traveling often and for long distances can cause some changes in the way you look and even your health, so here are some tips to keep you beautiful and comfortable while traveling!

  • Always wear comfortable clothes! You really don’t want to run from gate to gate wearing heels or sit for hours on an airplane with an uncomfortable outfit. Choose an outfit that is comfortable and keep with you a jacket or something to keep you warm because planes and airports can be freezing
  • Moisturizing is so important because sitting for long hours in a plane can dry out your skin. Make sure  to include a moisturizer and lip balm in the bag you are carrying on the plane.
  • Don’t apply any long lasting lipstick because it will only chap your lips and make you look worse!
  • In general it is better to skip the make up while traveling. Oily skin will become even more oily and dry skin will become dryer as well. If you cannot get out of the house without makeup, have your makeup bag with you and apply your makeup when you land.
Remember that when flying you should feel the most comfortable so in addition to that, make sure to do whatever makes you relaxed and at ease. Traveling uncomfortably is probably one of the worst feelings while traveling.
Lara xx 

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