Get a Similar Look

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend! In today’s post I am going to show you style combinations that you can use which are so similar to the celebrity looks. We all love to look like our favorite celebrities but we find their clothes to be super expensive or nonexistent, that’s why these style combinations can be your guide while shopping to get a similar look.

This  combination actually looks better than the one on Kate Moss. It is suitable for work or university ( wear flats) and even for nights out! Leather is a huge trend now so go shop for a similar look 🙂 

This combination is perfect for summer. I am a huge fan of the pink/coral colors and you can  look like Kourtney or Cameron by wearing similar colors. 

You can also look similar by wearing a coral dress which is perfect for hot summer days and nights. Its not always necessary to copy the celebrities looks, but try to get inspired by colors and patterns.

We have seen the Oxblood trend earlier on the blog. Here you can look similar by choosing one oxblood item and pairing it with stylish shoes, pants, and accessories. 

Stripes are something I can’t but wear! You can look like Eva by going for a more casual yet very stylish look. Stripes are always a go to in fashion so next time you go shopping get a similar look 🙂 

Sequins are still a huge trend and you can get a look similar to Miranda Kerr and Lauren Conrad by choosing one sequined item weather a top or skirt. This look is a perfect way to look stunning and flawless during the day or night.
Shop for sequins 🙂

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Lara xx

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