Blazer Madness

Hello everyone, today my fashion pick is an item that must be in each girls closet! Blazers are very essential just like jeans or shoes, and they are usually the reason why the outfit looks so beautiful. I love to wear blazers because they have such a huge style impact on the outfit, you can wear them during the day or night and still look flawless. Your blazer shouldn’t necessarily be your basic back/white, colorful blazers are a hit and they will look amazing on you as long as you don’t overdo it with your style. Another blazer hit is the sequined blazer that is very suitable for big night out. My current blazer obsession would be the stripped blazer ( more on strips soon) 

My fashion tip for the day would be for you to not hesitate to buy colorful blazers and go for new trends like sequins and stripes.
Here are some blazer ideas 🙂 

Colored blazer + Statement Neckalce

Sequined Blazer

more on sequins Here

Kim Kardashian looking beautiful in stripped blazers 

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