Celebrity of the Week : Kourtney Kardashian

Today’s Celebrity of the week will exceptionally be on a Saturday. I chose Kourtney Kardashian today because I really admire her style and she is actually my favorite  Kardashian sister. Kourtney and I both have petite figures so that’s why I can really relate to her and her style. What’s beautiful about Kourtney is that she dresses perfectly for her body and she always surprises us with something new. Moreover, she really knows how to accessorize her outfit whether in hats or belts or statements necklaces. Her colorful wardrobe and mini dresses and shorts are to die for!
Here are some of Kourtney’s photos

Something Extra!
Here are a few photos of how I styled my outfit on my dinner last night

That’s me  the last girl on the left with my girls! 🙂

As you can see I chose printed pants with very simple blazer and shirt.
(I am wearing H&M printed pants, Stradivarius Top and Blazer, Steve Madden wedges)

Lara xx


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