Dinner Dress Up

Dressing up for a dinner in a house or restaurant is sometimes hard because we don’t want to look too dressy and not too casual. There are a few tricks to turn your casual everyday outfit to a perfect one for an occasion such as a dinner.
Here are some style inspirations that u can apply to look beautiful and stylish on a dinner with a date or friends and family.

Floral prints add a pop of fun and style to your outfit, and as you can see its not too dressy yet eye catching

I love this look ( I have the same necklace:-) ) I love the shorts with a long blazer they are very stylish and perfect for a dinner night out

This look is for the sequins lovers. Its very cute and I love the mix of prints and colors
More on sequins Here 

You can also add a colorful blazer to your look which makes your look less formal and adds a fun/stylish look to your outfit

As you can see this outfit is very casual and simple but with some high heels and  a  Leopard  clutch you can turn your look around and make it perfect for a night out.

I love these statement necklaces because they add a pop of style to your simple everyday outfit. I really recommend those for a style twist

This look is perfect for the ladies who prefer a simple look.  This outfit is very simple but screams chic! I love the blend of white and beige together

These statement belts are my current obsession! I love how they can make any thing you’re wearing look fabulous and so stylish. I really recommend those belts for a day and night event.

I have a dinner tomorrow so I will try my best to take some photos to show you how I styled my dinner outfit!

Lara xx


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