Tuesday Tips : Staying Beautiful In Winter

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed all the Golden Globes coverage. Today’s Tuesday Tips will be dedicated to some tips you need to know in the winter season to maintain your beauty and health. We all know that the cold weather causes dryness and spread of viruses so here are my 5 tips that you need to know about this season.

1) Many of us think that it is only important to apply sunscreen in summer, FALSE!! You need to wear sunscreen all year long because the UV rays are also harmful in winter season.

2) Drink lots of water because our body is subjected to dehydration in winter too not only summer!

3) Moisturize! I really stress that we should moisturize daily to prevent dry skin and chapped lips

4) Wear a hat to protect your hair from dryness and if you still feel that your hair is dry and tired you might need to use deep conditioners

5) To prevent viruses as much as possible ALWAYS wash your hands and increase your Vitamin C intake.

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Lara xx


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