Golden Globes 2013

Last night we saw the ladies walking in beautiful dresses on the red carpet so it was a joy to go over the dresses to pick some to feature in this blog post. Without further ado, here are some dresses that we saw on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway arrived to the red carpet wearing  Chanel. Her look was very chic and simple I would have loved seeing her in something different than her usual classy and simple look

Jessica Chastain is wearing Klein. This dress shows her beautiful body  but it didn’t wow me

Emily Blunt arrived in Michael Kors I really loved the dress but I didn’t like its color on her skin tone

Jennifer Lopez arrived in Zuhair Murad. These types of dresses are a hit now and she looks stunning in her beautiful body 

Jennifer Lawrence arrived in Dior Couture I love the color of the dress and her simplicity in hair and makeup 

This look for Kate Hudson who is wearing Alexander McQueen is  my favorite dress on the red carpet. She looks breathtaking and flawless in that beautiful dress

Naomi Watts arrived in Zac Posen which is one of her good red carpet choices  because she looks slender and beautiful

Taylor Swift arrived in Donna Karan, she looks beautiful and the back of the dress is nice but it sadly doesn’t show in this picture. I love this color on her

Heidi Klum looks hotter than ever in Alexander Vauthier. This woman keeps looking better and more stylish by age!

Nicole Kidman arrived in a piece of art by Alexander McQueen. Nicole  looks marvelous and very fit . I wish i could look as half as pretty and fit as her when I am her age!

Lea Michele arrived in a beautiful Elie Saab dress. I really loved this dress on her and I love the details on the dress but sadly they don’t show clearly in this picture

Hayden Penettiere arrived in Roberto Cavalli. I love this  mermaid looking dress on her but I wish she changed something about her hair or makeup

Lara xx


2 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2013

  1. Oh God am in love with these dresses! Wish we could have every single one 😦
    Best thing about them is their simplicity, loved the pics thank u!


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