Golden Globes Special

Today is the day that all fashion, movie, and television enthusiasts have been waiting for, its Golden Globes day! Every year I get really excited when its awards season because I love seeing how stars are styled on the red carpet. This year we have a beautiful selection of ladies as nominees so I am going to mention a few of them in this post and further discuss their looks throughout the years on the red carpet.

First I am going to start with the beautiful Jessica Chastain who is nominated for Zero Dark Thirty. Jessica is well known for her beautiful and eye catching hair color. She always chooses the elegant look and barely takes any risks on the red carpet, but we can’t blame her because she always look stunning and very chic.

My second nominee is one of my favorite style icons in Hollywood, Marillon Cotillard who is nominated for Rust & Bone. Marillon is the definition of vintage beauty and old school elegance. Every time she hits the red carpet we are dazzled with her beautiful figure and her timeless beauty so I am really looking forward to see her pick for the red carpet today.

Naomi Watts is my third pick for today’s post, and she’s nominated for the movie The Impossible. Naomi’s beauty is one of the reasons why designers rush to dress her up on red carpets. I am not always a fan of her fashion choices but I am hoping to see something beautiful on her tonight since she has many eyes on her.

I fell in love with my forth pick in her role as “Emily” on The Devil Wears Prada. If you haven’t guessed yet, its the stunning Emily Blunt who is nominated for the movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Ever since I saw Emily in The Devil Wears Prada I really admired her style and her acting skills. We have seen Emily in beautiful dresses on the red carpet and I am really hoping to see her in a show stopping dress tonight.

Most of us know my fourth pick from the movie The Hunger Games, of course I am speaking about Jennifer Lawrence who is nominated for the movie Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer had her few oops moments on the red carpet, yet we saw her in stunning looks as well. I am hoping to see a dress that would show her beautiful figure on the red carpet.

My sixth pick is a lady we also know from The Devil Wears Prada, I am speaking of Anne Hathaway who is nominated for the movie Les Miserables. We saw Anne in breathtaking looks on the red carpet and I am really looking forward to see her in a look that would look wonderful with her short hair.

My seventh and final pick for the motion pictures area is the beautiful Nicole Kidman who is nominated for the movie The Paperboy. Nicole has been a fashion icon for a long time and people always look forward to see her looks on the red carpet. Nicole takes many fashion risks but she always manages to look beautiful.
Here are some of their looks on previous red carpets

Stay tuned for more red carpet coverage with my second set of nominees! 

Lara xx


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