Tuesday Tips

Hello everyone! Hoping you guys are having a warm Tuesday evening.
Today’s “Tuesday Tips” post will be dedicated to your simple everyday hair styles! I know most of us worry about our hair on daily basis and we want to look as natural and simple as possible when we go to our universities, schools, or work. My natural hair is curly and it used to give me a hard time back in the days until I started with hair treatments which basically reduces the curls and gives your hair a very beautiful and natural look.
It is very important to go for hair treatments every once in a while and do trimmings which will make your hair prettier, and most importantly, healthier.
Here are some hair style ideas for everyday

Very beautiful and doable hairstyle

Short and simple – Kristin Cavallari

Victoria’s Secret Angel -Karlie Kloss

Curling your hair ends 

Stay tuned for more tips on how to give your hair natural treatments & more about everything related to your hair! 🙂
Lara xx


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