Tuesday Tips

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a fun and safe night. 

Tuesday Tips is a post dedicated to all the tips and tricks you need to know about your makeup, nails, fitness and more. Today’s post is going to be fully concentrated on NAILS! 
Back in the day I used to go to the nail salon and just apply a color and that would be it. Nowadays, the art of nails is expanding, you can now find more shades of one color and add more designs and glitters on your nails. I found this new trend to be very beautiful because it adds more style to your outfit. 
Here are some manicure ideas that you can use. 

Lara xx


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips

  1. I personally prefer just putting a simple color on my nails without the designs and glitter but after seeing these pics I changed my mind. They are sooo creative and especially the French ones. Love them thumbs up


  2. I really loved the designes! they r really creative and something new out of the traditional way of nail polish. however i was wondering if u can show us how to apply them on our nails. Thank you


  3. Loved the designs, they bring out something new! But as long as people wear them in a simple way and not “over-do” them like they do with everything else.. But I guess its not something you can wear on a classy or formal event no? Loved the blog keep it going!


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